4 Life Lessons My Kid (and I) Learned while Striking Out

4 Life Lessons My Kid (and I) Learned while Striking Out

We just wrapped up baseball season for my middle kiddle. He could not have been on a better team – fantastic coaches, sweet kids, and great parents. Our first experience with him playing was so wonderful.


On our way to his last ballgame, he was reciting to us the 4 rules that his Coach taught the team this season:

  1. Listen
  2. Respect
  3. Hustle
  4. Be Tough

As my son was telling us about them, I couldn’t help but think how perfectly they relate to ALL of life, not just baseball. It was a fleeting thought and one I planned to discuss with my hubby as we sat and watched the game. But, that talk never happened. We got caught up in the game and never had a chance (and let’s be real here – I just forgot).

My boy struggled the last half of the season with his batting. He just wasn’t getting hits. The first half of the season I thought he did great! He made huge strides, especially considering that he had never played before. We did not want him to feel pressured to over achieve, but always encouraged him the best we could. It came down to the last game and we *really* wanted him to get a good hit. It crushed this Mama’s heart when he struck out – both times at bat. I sat and cheered, even though I was feeling defeated. One of my son’s teammates put his arm around my boy and encouraged him in the dugout! How cool is that? He had such sweet kids on his team.


During the last inning, my middle was put at Pitcher. He always played outfield, but this time, this last game, this last inning, he was able to play pitcher!!! He was pumped! Gone was the discouragement from striking out. 🙂 YAY! The first hit went right to him. He scooped up that ball and threw it hard to first base. He had made a great play and helped get the first out of the inning. He was all smiles. The crowd cheered! Momma and Daddy beamed.


Here is what I learned while my son struck out:

  1. Listen – I sat and listened, AND WATCHED, after my son struck out. What did I observe? The kindness of his teammate. I may have missed that if I had not been still and listening. This relates to all of life, too. Instead of talking so much, we should just listen. How much better off we would be as friends, spouses, and parents if we would just LISTEN more.
  2. Respect – My son and his team were taught to respect authority, teammates, fans, and the other teams. Because this was “a team rule” my son never spouted off at the officials and he was encouraged by his teammates (even when he wasn’t performing 100%). This is a valuable life lesson that I think is missing in our youth. They have this sense of entitlement that is only a disservice to them as they grow. Are we, as the adults, modeling respect for our kids?
  3. Hustle – Every where on the field, my son and his team were taught to run. No lazy bones! No walking! You HUSTLE on the field. Laziness is another unfortunate thing I see in society all.the.time! If you want to be great at anything you’re gonna need to hustle. This applies in sports, in school, and in business. Hustle to achieve what it is you want.
  4. Be Tough – Striking out twice in one game is disappointing. My little tough guy, however, didn’t fall apart. He was taught to be tough. Life is hard. We are going to face hardships, heartache, and even failure. Resist the urge to crumble during these hard times (and I promise, they will eventually come). Don’t let a “no” in business discourage you from trying again! Set your mind to achieve greatness. Be mindful of the hardships that come and learn from them. Be tough.

I’m so thankful for this ball season. I’m thankful for the impact that it had on my child, and on my family. I’m thankful for the 4 lessons that *I* learned while my son was striking out.

P.S. My son’s team was the league champs. *WOOT*

Until next time,



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