Momma Time in a (Crazy) Busy World

Being a Mommy is tough work, girls. It’s draining.

It’s like running a marathon.

We prepare for 9-10 months (or up to years in the cases of adoption) to bring a little life into your home. We baby proof everything, read parenting blogs and books, and set a room devoted to that wee cherub. Then for 18 *or more* years, we train, nurture, encourage, and discipline those little humans to become productive adults. It takes lots and lots of hard work. Parenting is not an easy task. It is not for the faint of heart. And most Mama’s that I know do not take enough time for themselves!

But, you know what I’ve discovered? I am a better Mom if I take time for myself each week.

Mommy time can be a long, hot bath… without little fingers sticking under the bathroom door. It can be a quick run to get coffee or tea with a girlfriend. It can even be a jog around the neighborhood.

Refresh your soul. Take a few minutes each week for yourself, my friend. Your refreshed spirit will be a better Mama for it. I promise you.

Until next time,



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