My Fave Blogs

My Fave Blogs

Ok guys, here’s my top 5 favorite bloggers. If you are looking to follow some pretty great gals, then here you go. 😉

1. The Encouraging Home. This little gem is an excellent resource if you’re looking for encouragement, recipes, marital inspiration, and information/education about Essential Oils. Here’s what Mary is saying, ”

The Encouraging Home is my little corner of the world where I hope to help brighten your day. I want to inspire hope, health and happiness in my home and in yours.

I would love to be able to chat with you over tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I would love to show you around our farm. I would love to see the excitement in your eyes as you share your dreams and offer an encouraging word when you confide about disappointments and struggles.

But since we can’t do that, I hope that you will feel like your visit is almost like a visit at the kitchen table. I hope to speak hope and life to you and that you will leave renewed and encouraged. And I hope to surprise you with little gifts along the way.”

2. Kayla Howard. From hoola-hooping, to custom graphics, this blog has some great DIY and training information. From Kayla’s website: “Kayla enjoys homeschooling, milking goats, and doing business from her home in the woods. Kayla and her husband are both homeschool graduates and were also raised in the “pioneer” lifestyle.  She and her husband own 16 acres in rural Idaho where they raise three happy children, fat Oberhasli milk goats, friendly chickens, and raspberry plants that produce a hundred fold.  They are building a traditional timber frame home and enjoy encouraging others to never give up on their dreams.”

3. Dr. Mary Starr. Dr. Mary is a teaching machine! If you are looking for tips on growing your marriage, online business, or are looking for encouragement; check her out. A little about Dr. Mary: “Dr. Mary Starr is a Chiropractor and Essential Oil Expert. Her education includes a BS in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. In 1999, she started studying Natural Health Remedies and Wellness specifically with Young Living’s mentors and leaders and became a Wellness Facilitator teaching classes all over the United States – helping thousands improve their health with simple solutions using essential oils and natural remedies.”

4. Mindy Robinson. Mindy is a family herbalist and is always sharing amazing ways to incorporate herbs and natural remedies into your everyday life. She shares recipes, tips for a chemical free home, and info about healthy eating. Mindy shares, ” I am trained and experienced Family Herbalist and Essential Oils Consultant/Educator, but first and foremost I am just a regular mom who loves to use gentle, natural methods to keep my family healthy. I LOVE teaching others how to get healthy naturally, and how to lessen the chemicals and toxins in their homes.”

5. Charity Kerrigan. Let me tell you… if you want to witness some amazing recipes/cooking ideas, look no further! Charity is a phenomenal baker, and thankfully, she shares her yumminess with us! She is also an advocate of natural health and an Essential Oil Fanatic. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this list of my top favorite blogs. Stop by, follow them, and tell them I sent you! 🙂


Until next time,



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