Now What?

Now What?

You’ve gotten your PSK (Premium Starter Kit). Now WHAT do you do with it? Well, hopefully you have taken it out of the box. 😉 If not, I would encourage you to watch this short video.

First, fill up your diffuser. Add lemon, or stress away (or a few drops of both of them) and get it running. You’re gonna LOVE your diffuser! Next, I’ll give you some suggestions on ways to use the oils in your kit!

  1. Copaiba – add 10 drops to your favorite shampoo bottle; apply to muscles after a workout
  2. DiGize – add 1-2 drops to a gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement daily; add 2 drops with honey in hot tea to support wellness
  3. Frankincense – diffuse during yoga practice; add to lotion to smooth the look of healthy skin
  4. Lavender – add 1-2 drops to feet at bedtime; apply 1-2 drops behind ears and around naval before traveling
  5. Lemon – add 1 drop to glass or stainless steel water bottle; use 1-2 drops to remove gum, sticky residue, oil, grease spots, or crayon marks
  6. PanAway – rub 1-2 drops on aging hands; dilute 50/50 and rub on child’s growing legs
  7. Peppermint – add a drop to brownie mix/recipe; add a drop to your pre-workout beverage (in glass or stainless steel)
  8. Purification – add a few drops to laundry to give it a purified boost; diffuse to freshen the air
  9. R.C. – rub on chest or feet before exercise; add 6 drops to 1 c. coconut oil for a DIY vapor rub
  10. Stress Away – Diffuse to promote positive moods; add 2-3 drops to water to give it a boost
  11. Thieves – add 1 drop to toothpaste to support healthy gums; add 1 drop to your daily Ningxia Red to support your immune system


The best way to start loving these oils is to USE them! If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

Don’t have a PSK yet? I’d be happy to help! You can learn more about it here. Toss the toxic junk in your home and replace them with these natural alternatives.


Until next time,



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