The Hard Work

The Hard Work

I am raising 4 kids. It’s the hard work. The daily grind. The stay-consistent-or-you-will-regret-it job of shaping ninja babies into respectable people. Some days it feels like “them” against “us”. And, truthfully, it IS that way.

I’m facing a season right now with my oldest that is straining. I’m white knuckling it through this journey and holding on to my title of parent, as hard as I can. I breathe prayers almost one moment to the next in an effort to gain power from my Heavenly Father. I beg HIM to give me strength through this roller coaster of teenager.

  “God, guide me as I parent this strong child. Shield him from the enemy. HELP ME as I do my best as his mother. Protect his mind from evil things. Help HIM make right choices.” 

These words are forever on my lips, in my thoughts, and on my heart. I don’t want to screw my kids up… this world will do that enough. I want to help shape them into beautiful people ON THE INSIDE. I want God’s light to shine from within their hearts.

But, honestly, some days I am weary; oh so very weary. I crack under the pressure of stress. I fail. I make mountains out of molehills, and try to pretend everything is perfect. Perfection is a brutal measuring stick, and it’s hard not to play the comparison game. I have to remind myself daily to just STOP IT. Parenting is hard enough without adding that unnecessary burden.

As parents, as Mama’s, we are challenged on a day to day basis to help raise these little humans in a world that is trying to steal them from us. Stay strong! We must fight the good fight for our babies! The HARD WORK will be worth it all one day.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

I’m praying for you!

Until next time,



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