Honoring… cancer?

Honoring… cancer?

This year I am participating and am a co-captain  for a Relay for Life team. The thought of helping with a team really pushes me outside of my box. I’m not a “get ‘er done” kind of person. I’m a helper, but not a spear-header. My other co-captains are, thankfully. 🙂 Here are the reasons that I am stepping outside of my “comfort zone” and helping to raise funds for cancer research.

1. My Mom. 13 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage 4. They gave her 6 months to live, at best. She had a full mastectomy, chemo and radiation. It was *hard* on her body. It changed her. She fought hard. We prayed and prayed for her… LOTS of people prayed for her. For reasons unknown to us, God chose to spare her. A year or so later, her cancer had metastasized to her brain. She had another surgery, chemo and radiation to her brain. She was changed once more. My mom isn’t the mom she was 15 years ago, but at least I have her still. My mom is a warrior. I participate for her.


2. My brother-in-law. My amazingly crazy brother Mel has an amazing testimony. He has had cancer twice, just like my mom. And for reasons that we won’t know until we get to heaven, his life was spared as well. Mel is a children’s pastor and music minister. God has mighty things in store for him. And, so, I participate for him.


3. My Father-in-law. When I met my husband ten years ago, I found out that his dad had cancer. I was able to understand and empathize with my husband as only a child of a cancer victim could. I watched through that year as a great man of God fought hard for his life. I saw a wonderful man bravely fight a battle that he just could. not. win. I hate cancer. I participate for him.


4. My other family members and friends who have faced cancer.

You see, how can I NOT be involved in helping to raise funds for research? Will you help support me? It doesn’t have to be huge amounts. $1 from several people will add up quickly. Or maybe you would like to donate a Luminary in honor or memory of someone that you know that has been touched by cancer. Either way, I would be especially honored and grateful.

You can donate here.

Thank you!




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